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I watch it all.

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Back In The Day
youarereported wrote in cyberwatcher
I come from a time when most everyone online was FRIENDLY. Boy. those days are gone. I'm referring to the late 90's. Why was it friendlier? Because the only one's that had computers were ADULTS. High speed internet then smart phones accelerated the billions of internet users. In the USA 83 million people have smart phones and nearly everyone has an opinion. Now, with just a click of a mouse, millions of opinions are shared every second. Because of the friendly atmosphere I was used to online. I was unprepared for a barrage of unfriendly people. I had no idea that people used the net for vicious purposes. I sure learned a lot and quickly. New lingo, screen shots, photoshopping (not by me), hacking (again not by me). I learned how people can delete what you posted and change it to something shocking. I learned the hard way but it didn't stop me from having a presence. I'm much more aware and leery now. I realize that we are in a "Comment Culture".

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Unfortunately, the "Comment Culture" is overwhelmed with uninformed opinions and hateful thoughts. There was a golden age where etiquette (netiquette) was observed on the WWW, but I missed it. I've tried to keep my identity as anonymous as possible since I moved into my house and installed high-speed internet over a decade ago.

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